Happy Hell Night


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Sam Rockwell as Young Henry Collins
Darren McGavin as Henry Collins
Jorja Fox as Kappa Sig Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Okay slasher!

"Happy Hell Night" is a typical slasher film filled with gore and gratuitous nudity.There are several creepy,suspenseful moments,and the killer Zachary Malius(Charles Cragin)looks really scary.The characters are one-dimensional,the acting is terrible and there are some huge lapses in logic.Still the film is enjoyable to watch and offers some gory deaths including throat slashing,numerous stabbings etc.Overall it's a pretty good slasher,so if you like horror movies give this one a look.Recommended!

Reviewed by Thunderspawn 6 / 10

Interesting horror movie...

First off, let me say.....thank you to Anchor Bay, you guys are releasing the movies we can no longer find on VHS, so for that, my thanks. Now, Happy Hell

Night is very typical for the cheese we know and love from the eighties. It concerns a series of murders that happened in a fraternity by a satanic killer, Zachary Malius, played by the ever creepy Charles Cragin. The story then pushes twenty-five years later in the same fraternity house, and the pledges have to, as a hazing, go to the asylum where Malius was confined to, and take a few pics of the killer. As these movies go, Malius escapes and the killings begin. Nothing new as far as the murders go, but an interesting pick-axe to the skull on a very young pre CSI Jorga Fox. From there, it takes a retired detective (Darren McGavin), a priest and two brothers and the girl they fight over to put Malius back in his confines. The acting is typical for the time and very dated, but enjoyable nonetheless. If you can find it, rent it, buy it, whatever, but this movie is highly recommended to those who love the B movies of the eighties and early nineties. A good movie for Friday nights with popcorn and pizza.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

"You guys got the willies or not?"

A promising concept, is let down by its stringy narrative and so-so execution. I've never even heard of "Happy Hell Night" before and this early nineties, offbeat campus low-budget slasher is something that wouldn't have felt out of placed in the 80s. Tacky, gory and sleazy, but something just seemed to be missing or should I say something felt out of place. I couldn't shake the feeling that it could have been much better.

In 1963 seven members of the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity were found brutally mutilated inside Winfield Mausoleum. The accuser priest Zachary Malius was put away in the local State Asylum. Twenty five years later, a hazing prank goes wrong when some guys accidentally release Zachary from his cell and heads back to Winfield College to continue the butchery.

The killer is suitably creepy and genuinely unnerving in appearance, but when he opened his mouth to spout out an amusing quip (ala Freddy Krugger style). It simply killed the mood. "No…" this, "no…" that. Done in a scratchy tone. No, please stop talking. Sadly this is too distracting (including its loopy tone), as it does bestow a nasty, atmospheric ambiance with some striking imagery… especially with the sequences of the killer lurking in the shadows and of course when he's stuck in his cell. Even then odd surreal images crop up too, involving a Jesus statue in a church and the setting has a Gothic touch. The darkly twisted, but untapped story takes awhile before hitting its strides, with the usual campus lounging and dramas. But when it kicks off the slaughter, buckets of blood flows (very cheap jolts), sex and nudity escalates (sometimes kinky) and stupidity is ensured. Some passages during the stalk and slash stages, just seem to jump around in a rather jaded manner. Not making much sense with little in the way of cohesion. The music does create some chills with its foreboding cues.

The cast attached features some names; Darren McGavin, Sam Rockwell, Jorja Fox (from the TV show "C.S.I") and Ted Clark. But these folks have nothing more than minor roles. The rest of the performances are extra-ordinary… some rather bad in their amateurishly buoyant deliveries. Crude dialogues come out of their mouths with a real joke-like emphasis.

Nothing special, but kind of fun over-the-top, b-grade shocker.

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