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Dolph Lundgren as Vladik
Danny Trejo as Santos
Jason London as Richie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikola17 10 / 10

it's just for action fans only that likes B Class films and cast

I liked movie it was really good to watch it was totally plenty of action i enjoyed it's not well made, It's absolutely worth watching if you're willing to forgive the low budget film, i liked lead actress Natalie Burn she is sexy with leather outfit, her in action, her character is badass i liked seeing her as lead. and cast is great but some of them are just wasted sadly. story follows Rhona (Natalie Burn) known for Expendables 3, Mechanic: Resurrection, Criminal, Hollow Point, The Executioners, she plays a lead role badass chick that Vladik Zorich (Dolph Lundgren) whose tentacles permeate the underbelly of a seedy Los Angeles as he deals in guns, gambling, drugs and skin trafficking, finds himself double-crossed by his most trusted operative Rhona he sent men to kidnap her son, and tells her what to do she has a files with full of people she

must kill, so specially she is forced to what to do. to do anything to keep her son alive, and you have Kane (Sean Patrick Flanery) known for Boondock saints 1&2, Saw 7 AKA SAW 3D, D-TOX, Lone Hero. Kane is like main villain in film witch he is a gangster. Sean Patrick is not that much in movie at all to be honest and as him as actor i don't care too much about him. so in all film you have Natalie Burn driving a nice car around searching for people that Vladik wants some of people that he wants to be killed. you have 2 UFC fighters like (Chuck Liddell) plays Hannibal, it's funny enough that he played movies with Dolph lundgren like War Pigs, Riot, Altitude they both had screening time together in those films. Hannibal who is working with Kane you have some

fight scenes with Chuck and Dolph it's about time to have that. because previous films they don't have fight scene each another but fight scene wasn't much at all. if your curious about (Quinton Rampage Jackson) Eli he doesn't have much screening time at all he is pretty wasted in he is only in it for 5 minutes i am like ? they can't give him fight scenes, give him more screening time with chuck or Dolph. but no you have him talking to Natalie Burn in that

scene for 5 minutes thats Quinton Rampage Jackson everyone he is completely wasted. sadly enough Danny Trejo in second Dolph Lundgren film witch i prefer this flick a lot more then to 4GOT10 that piece of crap film, but i prefer this film a lot more then to that crap 4GOT10. Santos (Danny Trejo) sadly only in it for 5 minutes yet again to have cameo just Danny Trejo and Rampage Jackson gets much less short screening sadly wasted both of them. now Santos is at Asian Restaurant sitting down doing nothing, Natalie and Trejo both have a 5 minute talk that's it their goes trejo. but more likely it's more of Natalie Burn and Dolph Lundgren, Sean Patrick Flanery. can't give more Danny Trejo more to do sadly or Rampage Jackson can't have a fight scene with Dolph, can't have Danny Trejo to have a screen time with Dolph Lundgren it must been that hard because in 4GOT10 they both never had screening time they both in movie but they don't have screen time together sadly. Dolph Lundgren is in movie more but he is sitting down watching computer screen spying Natalie Burn to make sure she is doing her job that's it. now the action is good but in a very low budgeted film with a lot of fake staff in movie. (Mayling Ng) a Asian woman

who is known for Lady Bloodfight, Scorpion king book of souls, Wonder Woman, she does stunts as well she does have a fight scene with Natalie Burn together witch it was good but problem is there needs to be more lights because i had problem looking at scene it was a bit too dark you can't see to much because it was a bit too dark. rest out of film was fun, hardcore action it, Natalie Burn kickass she did great in film first time seeing her in a good lead role action film but sadly in low budgeted film. Dolph Lundgren good to see him back since last year Black Water, Creed II, Dead Trigger, Aquaman. to this film it's good you do have screening time with him, he is given what to do he does have little fight scenes and he is in action but not as much, but it's more of Natalie Burn film the final showdown when Natalie and Dolph at end of film kicking ass at another bad guys. also i have met Dolph Lundgren for me i respect his journey to any film he does in B-Class if you respect and enjoy B-class movies. but in sametime Dolph is their and their. but sadly didn't give

Rampage Jackson and Danny Trejo sadly enough screening time even i wanted both of them to have scene with Dolph, funny enough Dolph Lundgren and Danny Trejo didn't have a scene together in another film before this was called 4GOT10 AKA good and bad and dead. Dolph and Trejo don't appear together same goes with this movie don't expect to think Danny Trejo is much in film witch he is not. action and special weird effects when Natalie is driving in some nice blue lights effects if you see trailer you understand what i mean if you see trailer. great B class kickass action film if you love cast, if you love action female roles, that's movie for you then.

Reviewed by brooklynlarryg 10 / 10

Smart and intense.

When action meets character, when careful plotting meets stunning visuals, when talented leads give fully committed performances - I am a Super Satisfied viewer. Bravo Natalie Burn and Dolph Lundgren. They spearhead a talented cast. At a recent viewing party, someone suggested we put this action film into our regular rotation to unanimous agreement. Acceleration is a very pleasant surprise.

Reviewed by Plazeebo 2 / 10


Yet another low budget low production value movie. The writing is bad. The cinematography is bad. The soundscape is bad. Even Dolph seems to hate it as he's filming it.

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